Market Street Health Group Appointment System


  • To improve access for everyone.
  • To stop wastage of appointments.
  • To improve continuity of care with your usual GP.
  • To ensure you see the right person for what you need.

How does it work?

  • GP appointments will be opened on the day for telephone consultations. You will normally get a call back within an hour of your appointment or earlier.
  • GP’s will decide with you if you need to be seen and then arrange a face to face consultation.
  • To avoid blocks in the system and wastage of appointments- receptionists will not be allowed to book in advance.

Three ways to book a telephone consultation with a GP

  • ONLINE- online appointments available from 7.30am. Please ask a receptionist if you need to register for online services.
  • VIA AUTOMATED TELEPHONE SYSTEM- please ensure that your correct telephone number is logged onto our system