Pharmacy First – (Minor Ailment Scheme)

Health advice without an appointment, go to your pharmacy first!





Pharmacists across Newham can give you advice on a range of minor health problems forĀ FREE.

With the Pharmacy First Scheme – (Minor Ailments), your pharmacist can treat you for minor health problems without an appointment.

Minor health problems include:

Sore Throat Insect Bites & Stings Athletes Foot
Cold Soft Tissue Injury Head Lice
High-Temperature Constipation Mouth Ulcers
Headaches Diarrhoea Back Pain
Indigestion Vaginal Thrush Teething

The Pharmacy First Scheme – (Minor Ailment Scheme) is FREE for all patients that do not pay for prescriptions.

However, if you normally pay for prescriptions the pharmacist can still provide advice and medicines for a reasonable price.

For more information about Pharmacy First Scheme – (Minor Ailment Scheme), talk to your local pharmacy, or visit to find out if your pharmacy is participating.